At age 65 you are eligible for Medicare insurance coverage or after the 25th month of being on Social Security Disability. Are you aware that Medicare does not pay 100 percent of all medical expenses?

Jacken Insurance LLC. provides clients with Medicare Supplemental insurance options through several insurance companies to meet your needs.

Every year, we provide a no cost review to be sure you continue to have the lowest rates for the Medicare Supplement plan you want. Working with many insurance companies allows us to be able to provide this free service for you. Let us help you navigate your health coverage.

Keep in mind, Medicare and Medicare Supplemental policies do not cover most long-term care expenses, but Jacken Insurance LLC. helps clients find long-term care solutions to reduce the financial impact of excessive long-term care costs.

You truly don't have to spend a lot of money to plan for this. There are many options to consider. The key is to be sure you and your family discuss and be educated as to what Medicare and your Supplement will and won't do, as well as what's available in the community if and when the time comes when you need care. You don't want you and your family to be caught unprepared.

Peace of mind

Maintaining independence at home

Preserving your dignity and quality of life

High quality care

Protecting your assets

Minimize burden

Insurance isn't always the answer, but at least know your options.