Health insurance and Medicare generally do not include dental, vision and hearing coverage except under very limited circumstances and conditions.
Getting Dental, Vision, and Hearing insurance provides preventative care
Before the problem gets serious you can get treatment.
Having a regular examination can point to signs of chronic illness, disease, or health risk.
Up to $3,500 annual benefit limit available.
PPO and HMO networks available to choose from.
Summary of Benefits and Schedule of fees available to review before selecting your plan.
NEED DENTAL? Dental and vision plans to fit your needs

Another Dental option is Dental indemnity insurance:

Dental indemnity insurance is the traditional fee-for-service insurance. It provides more latitude on the type of dental services you consume. The plan is much like a managed care option, which may save you from paying for unnecessary x-rays, but you may have to wait longer between checkups.
The main reason somebody chooses dental indemnity insurance is for complete control over the provider they want to use. It has the higher premiums and an annual maximum payment from the carrier. You will also have a small deductible with this type of dental coverage.
With indemnity insurance, you may have a waiting period before you can use it. However, it will also pay you or the dentist, which gives you even more control over the policy.